Our Philosophy


All of our trips are tailor-made and designed for our clients.

We offer private trips to any and all of the exciting destinations that Peru has to offer. We will organize a classic tour for you, filled with great culture and adventure, or create a custom tour specifically for you, even including places where other agencies do not routinely go.

Our tours are designed and organized according to the aspirations, needs and physical abilities of each group member.

The accommodations we offer range from quaint homestays with local families to cozy and pleasant hotels in any setting from the city to the rural country.

We strive to make a positive impact on every place we visit, adopting and following the principles of sustainable tourism at every destination.

Peru Andes Travel is dedicated to following responsible tourism and business practices to prevent negative impacts on the people and places we visit. We live and operate by the traditional Andean philosophy of Ayni or reciprocity…first you have to give and then you may receive.